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LDT Proposed Rule Remains Under OIRA Review

Throughout August 2023, the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, Office of Management and Budget, Executive Office of the President (“OIRA”) has held stakeholder meetings regarding a proposed rule which, if enacted, would amend the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s  (“FDA’s”) regulations to make explicit that laboratory developed tests (“LDTs”)…

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Seven Tips for Healthcare & Life Sciences Companies Engaging Independent Monitors and Compliance Experts

For a healthcare or life sciences company settling a government enforcement action, the prospect of being subject to an independent monitor, independent review organization (IRO), or other government-mandated compliance expert may become a reality. (We collectively refer to all of these individuals and entities as monitors throughout this update.) Hiring…

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HHS to Create New Potential Medicare Pricing Models for Cell and Gene Therapy, Drugs Subject to Accelerated FDA Approval, and “High-Value” Generics

On February 14, 2023, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) published a report identifying three models that the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) will test to try to improve the affordability and accessibility of prescription drugs. The report responds to…

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New OIG Advisory Opinion Impacts Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Company Funding of Continuing Education Programs

OIG Advisory Opinion 22-14 (June 29, 2022) could have significant implications for how life sciences companies (pharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostics test makers) contribute towards continuing education (“CE”) programs for healthcare providers (“HCPs”).  Specifically, in AO 22-14, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Office of Inspector General (“OIG”) rejects…

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President Biden Signs Into Law Medicare Telehealth Coverage Extension Post-Public Health Emergency

On March 15, 2022, President Biden signed into law the $1.5 trillion Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2022 (the “Omnibus Bill”).  Included in the 2,700+ page Omnibus Bill is an extension of Medicare coverage of professional consultations, office visits, and office psychiatry services conducted via telemedicine for 151 days after the…

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Medicare Agrees to Limited Payment for New Alzheimer’s Drug

On January 11, 2022, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released a proposed National Coverage Determination (NCD) decision memo limiting Medicare coverage for Biogen’s new Alzheimer’s drug, Aduhelm.  Under the terms of the NCD – despite FDA’s 2021 approval of the drug – CMS will only pay for Aduhelm for…

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Senate Judiciary Committee Advances False Claims Act Amendment to Full Senate

On October 28, a majority of members on the Senate Judiciary Committee voted 15-7 to advance to the full Senate a bipartisan bill that would make a number of amendments to the False Claims Act (“FCA”), including one that would make significant changes to the FCA’s definition of “materiality.” Senator…

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