The European Parliament Adopts Position on the European Commission’s Proposal for the First Major Overhaul of the EU Medicines Regulatory Framework in 20 Years


In April 2023, we published an alert in relation to two European Commission legislative proposals: new Regulation 2023/0131 and new Directive 2023/0132, to replace the current EU regulatory framework for all medicines (including those for rare diseases and children). On April 10, 2024, the European Parliament adopted its position on the European Commission’s legislative proposals with respect to (i) Regulation 2023/0131 that can be found here and (ii) Directive 2023/0132 that can be found here. For certain key areas covered in the proposed EU legislation, we have set out a brief summary of (i) the European Commission’s original proposals and (ii) the European Parliament’s proposed amendments. You can read more here.